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The birth of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and point-of-sale processing in the mid-seventies presented the banking industry with a myriad of logistical challenges. For one group of forward-thinking bankers, these challenges presented an opportunity to serve the industry through a unique, non-profit processing organization called NetWorks.

Wired For Success: The Mission

NetWorks exists to be a non-discriminatory, reliable, cost-effective electronic processor of financial transaction information for any provider of financial services.

Making The Transactions: Switching and Routing

Using superior software and automated networking equipment, NetWorks manages electronic connectivity with financial institutions throughout the world. By facilitating the switching and routing of hundreds of thousands of transactions each day, NetWorks is able to help its member institutions stay competitive with organizations offering similar services.

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Over the years, NetWorks has grown to facilitate a wide variety of rapidly expanding technologies. No longer a mere processor of ATM and point-of-sale transactions, this company offers a full range of electronic funds transfer services for 250 member financial institutions. Routing more than 15 million transactions a month from locations around the globe, NetWorks drives, supports and monitors over 1,400 ATMs in a ten-state midwest area.

From telecommunications management to card production, NetWorks offers the global service and low cost transactions that continue to keep its member/owners very competitive. From Omaha to Scottsbluff, NetWorks has simplified transactions for thousands of people around the world.


NetWorks is a non-profit, member-owned organization that provides a full range of electronic funds transfer services. With an experienced team that understands and is responsive to the Nebraska and regional market, NetWorks is able to provide superior services by focusing on customer needs more than the bottom line.

With an average tenure of more than 10 years, NetWorks offers a highly experienced staff that's ready to meet your needs. Dedicated to total customer satisfaction, you can count on the reliability and professionalism that has earned NetWorks the service contracts on vast majority of all ATMs owned by Nebraska financial institutions and their third-party partners.

"The reliability and consistent quality offered by NetWorks since its creation, whether in the terminal driving or in the transaction switching arena, is second to none. These services are delivered at costs well below the competition."

Costs with NetWorks are significantly lower than with for-profit competitors. Management is local, independent and responsive to the needs of Midwestern financial institutions. By quickly responding to your needs and minimizing system downtime, NetWorks is able to maximize the availability of your equipment and further ensure your profitability.

The Future

A unique characteristic to all strategic thinking organizations is the unwavering commitment to managing industry change. A strong sense of mission and urgency is required. To this end, NetWorks' management and personnel are continuously looking into the future of technology, products and financial developments in an effort to achieve our mission.

The desires and needs of our member financial institutions are carefully evaluated within the context of evolving technologies, consumer demand, reliability and future acceptance.

It is with this mind-set that management develops and executes strategies designed to satisfy the needs of the members and ultimately that of consumers.

NetWorks will continue the long-standing tradition of delivering innovative products and high quality service at costs well below those of its competitors. If we are not your processor today, allow us the opportunity to show you why we should be!

"Our bank depends on NetWorks to maintain our ATM availability at a maximum level. Operating behind the switch with ITI software our ATMs are accessible over 99 percent of the time, down only for normal replenishment and repairs."

NetWorks' membership is open to banks, credit unions, savings and loans and all other types of financial institutions. By partnering with NetWorks, you receive unparalleled service and support from a provider solely focused on quality. NetWorks' fault-tolerant HP NonStop processing systems and fully capable disaster back-up site provide you with virtually disruption-free processing.

ATM Support

NetWorks offers a wide array of ATM services including a sophisticated monitoring system that's on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the most advanced hardware and software in the industry, NetWorks is able to:

  • Acquire transactions for institutions
  • Authorize transactions
  • Monitor terminals using superior telecommunications
  • Process transaction settlements
  • Settle interchange and surcharge fees
  • Advanced function ATMs (stamps, prepaid phone cards, couponing, fast cash)
  • Bilingual screens
  • ADA Voice Guidance

Additionally, NetWorks provides terminal driving and network support for leased-line ATMs, leased-lined ATMs in Dial-up Mode, wireless, and Dial-up ATMS.

PIN-Based Point-Of-Sale

Like our ATM services, NetWorks offers connectivity for PIN-based point-of-sale transactions. Our services offer competitive interchange rates for both issuers and acquirers and include the following options:

  • Networks regional point-of-sale routing
  • PULSE Alliance for national point-of-sale routing
  • Interlink national point-of-sale routing
Off Line Debit

Debit cards are a delivery system here to stay. The income potential for financial institutions with off-line debit is growing significantly. Consumers are voting for the product by increasing their activation rates and frequency of use. With 40 billion checks being written annually the opportunity for increased use of debit cards--whether on-line or off-line--is incredible.

Complement your ATM card program with added flexibility and increased market access through the Visa or Debit MasterCard off-line debit program. NetWorks is a leader in on-line, real-time debit authorization services through host links to your processing systems. This innovation provides the added comfort of your off-line product authorizing from a live account balance. The latest in fraud detection systems are also utilized by NetWorks-supported products.

  • Card Authorizations - 24/7 transaction services with balances on our host or using daily limits.
  • On-Line, Real-Time Debit Card Processing -- Supporting Visa and Debit MasterCard Cards.
  • Card production
  • Telecommunications management
  • Site selection counseling
  • Installation services
  • On-line report access
  • Screen graphics development
  • Profitability analysis
  • Financial institution employee education

Customer Service

Speak with our account representatives about your current account or how they can assist you in becoming a NETS member.

Main Office

Offering 24 hour support for ATM monitoring, report transmission, and network issues.

Operations Help-Desk

Offering 24 hour support for ATM monitoring, report transmission, and network issues.

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