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Transaction Authorization

With the wide range of account processing solutions in the industry, NetWorks has designed a transaction authorization method to accommodate your business needs.

ATM Terminal Support

NetWorks offers a strong partnership to financial institutions in the area of ATM terminal support. You will be kept up to date with technology when new products and value-added functionality become available. Our specialists monitor each terminal 24 X 7, helping you maximize your product availability with fast response time to problem situations in your ATM network. Finally, your network will comply with each and every change in encryption standards and other security issues.

ATM & Debit Cards

Consumers continually demand safe and convenient access to their deposit accounts. One of the most popular methods financial institutions incorporate to meet customer demands is the ATM card.

Using their ATM card, customers may withdraw and deposit funds, check balances and move funds between their accounts by using a secured personal identification number (PIN) at the time of the transaction(s). All this is available at ATM terminals throughout the world, and in most cases, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NetView On-Line Management Tool

NetView is a web-based browser that offers an on-line, automated process for ATM and POS adjustments. In addition, the browser will give NetWorks members the ability for real-time transaction lookup and cash management capabilities for their ATMs.

These methods range from NetWorks authorizing a transaction for the institution (AP) to simply passing the transaction to the institution for their authorization (on-line) or anywhere in between.

Account processing is available to institutions for all of their ATM and POS activity worldwide. It is also available for those institutions taking advantage of our signature based debit card programs as well.

Authorization Processing

Authorization processing, typically considered an off-line solution, places the institution cardbase at Networks. Maintenance to the cardbase may be done via a file download or by a manual process satisfactory to both parties. File transfers consisting of any changes to the cardbase may be performed on a predetermined basis. Once the cardbase is installed, the institution may download balance information to NetWorks on a daily basis, usually after the nightly update and ACH activity has been memo-posted to the institution's accounts. Authorizations are performed based on, among other criteria, the card limits and balance information supplied to Networks. Card limits may be designed and grouped by customer segment. The NetWorks settlement process begins daily at 6:00 PM. Once settlement has been completed, transaction files are available for all AP institutions via electronic methods for posting.

On-line Processing

For the institutions that would prefer to authorize their cardholder transactions, NetWorks will help design a data communications network to route transactions via an on-line link. Incorporating this option requires the institution's account processing platform to make available the appropriate software interface with NetWorks. A number of financial institution software vendors offer this interface, which has been certified with Networks. Our staff is available to discuss this alternative to insure a successful project. NetWorks is available to authorize such transaction components as PIN, CVV, expiration date, valid address (AVS) in addition to others for institutions using on-line processing. In other words, the institution may select what level of authorization they would like to perform and let NetWorks complete the remaining levels. To perform this service, NetWorks may be required to maintain the institution cardbase.

Stand-in Processing

For scheduled or unscheduled downtime at the financial institution, NetWorks may "stand-in" for the institution to authorize transactions during the time period. This may be performed using "positive" or "negative" files maintained at NetWorks. The positive file would be accomplished by supplying NetWorks with a file of all cardholders for the institution. Transactions are authorized based on information within the file including the card limit and status. Account balances may or may not be a part of the file based on the institution's preference. The negative file consists only of the cardholders the institution has specifically identified as an exception. Transactions are authorized for valid cards not in the negative card file. Once communication is restored and the institution is available to receive transactions, the stand-in transaction file is transmitted to the institution for memo post and update purposes.


A standard transaction set available at the ATM:

  • Fast Cash from Checking accounts
  • Withdrawals from Checking, Savings, or a Credit Card
  • Balance Inquiry for a Checking, Savings or Credit Card
  • Deposit to a Checking or Savings account
  • Transfer to/from Checking to/from Savings

Optional leased line value-added features* are available and tailored to your needs:

  • Bilingual Screens
  • Deposit Automation
  • Customized Welcome and Wait Screens
  • Customized On-us versus Foreign Cardholder Wait Screens
  • Custom Receipts with or without Graphics
  • Full VGA Graphics
  • Alternate Terminal Site
  • Cash Management Services and Reporting
  • Check Cashing Transaction
  • Flexible Surcharge Routines
  • Voice Guidance
  • Touch Screen
  • Stamps, Phone Cards, Tokens, Coupons

*May not be available with all ATM models


Our communication specialists are well educated on various methods of connectivity alternatives. They will engineer the most cost-effective alternative based on your needs and situation. We can also support your ATM's by utilizing your communications network in an effort to reduce costs and redundancy.


Your institution will receive daily management reports reflecting transaction detail, cash summary and settlement totals. Monthly reports will be provided for ATM availability, transaction summary by terminal, and institution and interchange settlement. Access to these reports may be accomplished in a number of methods, including FTP.

The use of an ATM card goes beyond the convenience of ATM terminals. Cardholders may also perform PIN-based transactions at merchants throughout the nation. Most commonly found in grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations, these point-of-sale (POS) terminals offer an alternative to paying by cash or check. The cardholder may simply pay for the purchase or elect to receive cash back. The transaction is completed subject to an authorization process specific to your institution.

NetWorks offers multiple methods for processing authorizations and settlement of ATM and POS transactions. These alternatives may be found on the "Transaction Authorization" overview supplied by your NetWorks representative.

VISA Check and Debit Mastercard

One of the fastest growing debit payment products in the US today is the debit card. It is a multi-purpose card offering your customers signature-based access to their deposit accounts at over 19 million merchant locations worldwide and access using a PIN-based transaction at ATM and POS terminals around the world. A check card program may be offered as a new product or as an addition to your institution's ATM card by adopting the Visa or MasterCard Logo.

Your customer interest in this product will be heightened by the ease in which purchases may be completed. Since it is directly associated to their deposit account, they will not experience any interest expense as they might through a credit card. And they have $0 liability when fraud has been reported.

The Visa Check and Debit MasterCard come with benefits to your financial institution as well. Additional income may be generated by each signature-based transaction your customer performs through interchange income paid to the card issuing institution. The product will also add significant value in your efforts to cross sell and retain relationships with your customers.

A typical transaction may begin with a "preauthorization" transaction generated by your customer when they swipe their card or the merchant handling the purchase calls for an authorization. The preauthorization will validate the card and check the customer balance prior to giving the merchant authorization. In 24-72 hours, as a rule, the settlement transaction will be presented to your processor for payment. The flow of these transactions is further defined in our "Transaction Authorization" overview supplied by your NetWorks representative.

NetWorks has developed third party relationships to take your check card program from its initial step through daily transaction routing from Visa or MasterCard. As Principal members, our partners offer support in handling exception items and settlement of interchange. Transaction settlement and reconcilement will be consolidated into your ATM balance procedures by NetWorks to simplify your daily tasks.

Upon receiving your requested user ID and password from NetWorks, go to, select NetView from the menu and log in.

Transaction Lookup

You can view transactions using a variety of available search criteria. A summary of the requested transactions is presented, with a hyperlink for each transaction providing more detail.

On-Line Adjustments

Simply input a couple of fields and update. Settlement of the adjustment will be electronically posted following the daily update. (An e-mail is sent to notify the other institution.)

Real-Time Cash Management

Whether you have one ATM or a fleet of terminals, NetView will allow you to check cash balances and the current status of a single ATM, a user-defined group, or all your ATMs.

Contact Information

Settlement contact information, including an e-mail address is integrated into each transaction for easy access.